The Peace Walkway is a limited edition

Only 100 sets of 250 bronze plaques to a set each, will be installed in 100 locations only


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There are over 1.8 million cities in the world today. Our Goal is 100 miles for peace, in just 100 locations. Only 100 sets of 250 bronze plaques each will be sold to 100 places or "peace walkway sister cities" in order to complete the international project.

There are over seven million war monuments in the world, how many peace monuments - hundreds, thousands?

The greatest crisis humanity faces is that we live in a culture of war, our so called norm. The price has been billions of lives, the rapid loss of plant and animal species and global warming. Yet our hope every day is for the culture of peace, something that we can build our lives on and with, something that gives us a future to pass on. Peace is a necessity that we chose. Think beyond war, we all can.

As an artist, sculptor with a bronze and sculpture foundry partnership extending over 15 years, I am just selling sets of 250 bronze peace walkway plaques, and maintaining the app, website and promotion of this global effort for peace. We are not a 501c charity yet, just artistic and highly skilled, each with over 45 years of sculpting. We are dedicated to world peace and to our central goal of "teaching the how-to's and methods of peace-making to inspire future generations into "peace building". We thank you for all your inquires & support.

In hopefully reaching our goal of ONLY 100 locations, we will establish the largest peace monument and public art work in human history at over 100 miles long, spanning the globe. Hopefully then the project will inspire many people to perform humanitarian acts, building our future.

The new Gandhi Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa is seeking to install a peace walkway within its grounds. This is where in 1908-1909 Gandhi began "non-violent protest methods and writings." This is a true honor for us: Satyagrahahouse Museum.

Other cities and places seeking a Peace Walkway are: The Hague, UN World Court in the Netherlands, Kumara, New Zealand, Peacehaven, United Kingdom, Sydney Australia, Tuscon Arizona USA, and Miami, Florida USA, as inquiries continue to come in from all over the globe.


Scroll down for full information about installation options & specs plus the projected economic impact a Peace walkway monument will have anywhere.


The plaques come in set of 250 plaques to create any form of a mile long install in length. You can install a double row in a half mile long length, that is a full peace walkway mile  split into two a double row walkway install. So variations of the way you can install these and the over length of one mile is finally up to you and your architects, designers. and location's available space.

The peacemakers chosen for our basic set are all vetted world known peacemakers, and we offer ten alternates for you to choose from, so you get to choose from famous peacemakers, which will appear in your installation. You may even suggest changes, provided the individual you would like to be part of your effort can be a vetted world peace maker.


The effect of global peace beyond borders can be achieved in a number of ways. Above ground installations, along side any existing trail, park walkway, as in the drawings below are possible. The impact is nearly the same, but most of the installations are just a few weeks time frame of work, very fast. Of course, these same options presented here, might not work in a urban street walkway, but lining an urban park, college campus walkway can rapidly take place, and with lower costs too. A half mile length can also be installed, by placing these on opposite sides of a walkway or trail. Final construction and installation will have to be local contractors and architects, meeting all local building & safety codes. Each location must supply their civil building codes for plaques to us before manufacture to make sure our plaques are 100% safe and too standard.




Installation, usage and all liability is solely the responsibility of the buyer. Peace walkway assumes no liability except for plaques delivered in initial order which may be defective at time of arrival from manufacturing. All Maintenance sole responsibility of buyer purchaser.


Peace walk way, requests photos in resolution of 300 dpi, minimum 2000 pixels for use in it's online promotions of your location. Video is also requested for the same purpose.


The Fair Labor Association (FLA) practices for any worker in all nations worldwide are strictly followed in the production of the bronze plaques, shipping containers, and any other individuals or companies doing business with us, to provide safe, equitable employment for all the world's workers associated with the Peace Walkway project.


The Peace Walkways economic impact is undeniable, in our research of similar walkway projects, we came across the the Freedom trail in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is a 2.5 mile walk way.

Freedom Trail Boston further information click here

active1The Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile, red-lined route that leads you to 16 historically significant sites — history of the American Revolution in Boston.

The Freedom Trail was originally conceived by local journalist William Schofield, who in 1951 suggested building a pedestrian trail to link together important local landmarks. By 1953, 40,000 people were walking the trail annually.

It’s popularity, exploded and it became an official tourist destination, since that time an annual visitor ship of nearly a half million people a year. To this date 2016, the economic impact has grossed nearly 4 billion U.S. dollars in tourist spending, for the local community & city. Then there is the Hollywood Walk of Fame generating nearly double that.

Any Peace Walkway, which promoted globally and in 100 different locations and countries world wide united by a global App, can offer each each location interlocking promotion, and an annual estimated viewership of nearly 25,000 to over a quarter million people.

Dave-on-the-Boston-Freedom-Trail-Double-Barrelled-TravelBut if just 5,000 tourists a year visited each locality that would generate on the basis of just a visitor day trip, versus over night stay, the local spending of $35.00 U.S. dollars, the resulting income each year would be a minimum of $175,000 dollars a year, over five years $875,000 in income locally. These figures are for a minimum estimate of tourist visits.

Considering the number of Peace day events each year and other events which can be held in the area near the peace walkway installation, an additional three fold repeat tourism and spending activity can take place.

Thus, over any five year period, a location could easily generate an estimated 1.6 million dollars in economic impact locally. The opportunity for successful tourist spending must be a long term critical factor in any planning and purchasing of the 250 plaques.


Rohan engineering of Dallas Texas, USA has design a special rig, or tool design which using off the shelf concrete and stone cutting diamond edge blades, cuts in 7 minutes a square into the exact depth and dimensions of a peace walkway plaque. Then the two vandal proof pole stems attached to the back of the plaque are made. High density epoxy glue is placed in the cut outs and the plaque inserted. Total install time: 14 minutes. An entire walkway can be completed using this simple tool device, and six workers within 9 days. While other install methods may take up to 2 weeks max.



All plaques must be 20 feet from edge to edge in distance, to ensure an “Act of discovery” for the viewer which is peaceful and not chaotic, thus enhancing each plaques individual message and purpose. Big life stories and ideas take time to digest. Install vary from 3 to 5 weeks maximum depending on surface treatments, layouts, and location (high traffic street).Layout2

If installed in a linear sidewalk setting, with blocks which are interrupted by roadways, certainly where each street, meets a roadway does not allow the above measurements to operate in the same way.

Instead each block along the street route, must be approached by choosing a center point in that block and working out from that center point an anchor point for the layout.

Should a grid or parallel linear line layouts be used the distance edge to edge, side to side is the same again of 20 feet in all direction for "discovery"


The plaques can be ordered in any language, as each language and word spelling can vary to a high degree, the purchaser who wishes a translation, will have to assist in exact spelling of each and every plaque for their location. Out technical team will then develop the final designs.


When installed a GPS location for start and end finish of longest linear layout must supplied in order to place GPS co-ordinates for the exact location of the Peace walkway, and activate it's "Walk a mile measurement feature and global chat features".


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National Parks and Recreation Association United States