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How can you get involved?

There will be 100 Peace Walks located throughout the world. Some will be in large cities, others in small towns. Some may be on college campuses, in city parks, in shopping districts or on museum grounds. Some will be on vibrant urban sidewalks, others on meandering pedestrian paths. All will need your help in promoting this project online, or in starting local grassroots movements.You can help make your community be one of the 100 cities. Pass the word online and off promoting the project to support others efforts too.

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What can you do?

You can easily get your grassroots efforts off the ground by contacting your city's "Sister City department, all cities have them for international trade, good will building and peace. This provides you global interconnections, sponsors, and funding. "Sister city" support can influence the decision makers in your community to devote one mile to a Peace Walkway project. If you are or know of a member of the planning board, or an advisor to that board, contact them with the project and your efforts with your city's "Sister cities" program. Contact press, start a online Peace walkway social media page, etc.

A grassroots movement easily begins with one person- you.

Talk with your neighbors, your co-workers, your fellow students, members of your local clubs and organizations too. You can send letters to your community newspaper or newsletter or start a community blog. Attend council meetings. Speak with your elected representatives. Remembering that all cities and regional governing bodies have numerous forms of public funding for "positive" public art, public parks and works projects. All of these forms of public financing, plus local business sponsor-ships corporate regional grants exist to fund your effort, anywhere and everywhere.

Why This is important?

The cost of building a Peace Walk is comparatively low and compares easily with any low cost public monument or art installation, but with greater promotional results.

Landscape architects, urban designers etc. can easily offer to clients a Peace Walkway to enhance and broaden the appeal and functionality of any civic public projects they are working on. The community and clients are then offered "many more exciting area development opportunities" at low cost, high impact, with excellent economic visitor traffic. The Peace Walkway goes beyond just one location, to 100 global locations, promoting each other to millions worldwide and on social media. No other monument project can do that on its own, 365 days a year, with multiple "peace" events all year round too.

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List of supporters:

We are deeply grateful too all of the following people for their support and interest:

Melinda Gates (Gates foundation) Deepka Chopra (Author, public speaker) Ellen Degeneris (Ellen TV show host, comedian) Nora Dunn (Film and SNL Television Actress) Kim Katrall (Film and Sex in the City Television actress) Christian Slater (Film and Television actor) Pam Grier (Film and television actress) Burning Man Global Arts network, Colin Mochrie (Canadian Television announcer, actor) Ted Talks project, Jeremy Giley (United Nations founder world peace pace day, September 21st each year) Helen Clarke (Ex Prime Minister New Zealand, United Nations Development programs) WHO World Health Organization United Nations, Unesco. Zeny Edwards (Director, United Nations Association of Australia Peace Program) Pedro Jermaine (Official Artist of UNESCO-TST)

In Landscape & Architecture endorsers: LAN Landscape Architects network & magazine (over 1.2 million followers in 80 countries on Facebook) ASLA (Associated Society of Landscape architects Global) Archinet & Land 8 architecture organizations.