13 Nobel Peace Prize Winners & Google endorse viral project

June 7, 2016

For Immediate Release:

Purple people for peace self movement, goes viral reaching over 6 million serious peace activists world wide? This was accomplished by the Google, and 13 Nobel peace prize winners backed website Billion acts for peace. Itself also nominated for 7 Nobel peace prizes. The simple peace sharing and promoting act of purple makeup, hair, face painting, or fashions with a face selfie posted to the web is a Purple people peace act.

Launched on Facebook and them other social media, articles and then Billion acts all picked up on the humorous peace movement. Created by artist Paul-Felix Montez an artist and designer of the amazing global peace monument project: “Peace Walkway, 100 miles for peace”, now itself going viral, as it is the purpose of the both movements. The Peace Walkway has gained headlines all across the web like “This is the most powerful monument for world peace” for the 21st century. Innovative and simplicity itself in every sense of the word it is now finding cities all over the world wishing to install a one mile peace walkway (Basically a Hollywood walk of fame for peacemakers, with a global app connecting it all), told you this one was simple and huge. More can be seen, from artists rendering and articles at: http://peacewalkway.org


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