The Purple People 4 Peace Movement

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What is the viral Purple People 4 Peace Selfie movement & Billion Acts 4 Peace?

BillionGoogle2Purple People 4 peace is NOW a major featured global peace project on Billion Acts for Peace, backed by 13 Noble Peace prize winners & Google with over nine and a half million peaceful acts and growing fast.  We reach in our first week since our launch, over  6 million people with them. That's enough reason for you to make Your purple selfie?

Purple is the official color of Peace. So why not purple for peace selfies promoting it? Selfies and more selfies with two rules, first they must be a face selfie, second there must be purple in the Selfie photo, any kind from clothing, paint, makeup, whatever. So join in, pick a social media platform to unleash your purple people 4 peace passions and creativity to the world, posting photos everywhere with the plenitude of others . How purple are you? Our primary Goal is thousands of purple people 4 peace world wide, purposefully promoting peace and if you wish the 100miles4peace peace walkways project. It's all good reminding us of our greater good. That we are all "sisters and brothers" interconnected. The links below are all to Purple People 4 Peace social media pages.