Peace beyond borders, how about a peace walkway inspiring your town, city, street to be truly global?

Video Excerpt: 

"The peace walk way project which is now spreading global. What that is, is 100 different locations in cities, parks, streets, campus' all over the globe, all interconnected by an smart phone app Each location 250 different bronze plaques,  each plaque has a different peace maker,  who has been celebrated and who has been effective in changing our world. So each of one of these each one of these peace walkways which are one mile long, becomes a Hollywood walk of fame, but for peacemakers and spreads out globally. With the app your able to actually look at each plaque, and it pulls up the full bio and history of that peacemaker.  So that you can fully understand the sacrifices, the efforts, the work that people have put in to build world peace and lead us all towards a greater Humanity."

Do you see a place in your city for this, that you care about? Now imagine it can be a real place of peace with it's own international "sister city" location.